George Voinovich High School builds strong relationships by providing access to a high-quality education for students. It is the vision that George Voinovich High School students will graduate, attend a trade school, 2 or 4 year college, and access opportunity; creating a positive future for themselves and their families and return to their local communities to positively affect change.

• Everyone deserves a chance at receiving a  first class education ;

• Everyone deserves a chance to become all s/he can be;

• Everyone learns at different rates and students should have educational choices that provide for each student’s individual needs and learning pace.

A high school diploma will not only benefit those young adults who take advantage of the opportunities it offers, but through the rippling effect that the graduate him/herself will have over time will also benefit the community as a whole.

Mr. Brian Hessey
GVHS Head of School

Mr. Brian Hessey
GVHS Head of School

Mr. Hessey graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelors in Comprehensive Social Studies / Secondary Education and received his Masters in Educational Administration from Ashland University. Mr. Hessey has served in education 32 years; 22 years as a teacher, 2 years as Assistant Principal, 1 year as Director of Special Education and 7 years as Principal. He has worked with at risk youth most of his career and looks forward to continuing to do so at George Voinovich High School.

Sonja Whisenant
Staff of the Month

Sonja is our Staff of the Month!

Sonja goes above and beyond for each of her students!  She consistently shares new and creative ideas that contributes to student success!  From mentoring students, providing community resources and workforce development opportunities, her dedication and enthusiasm supports not only the success team but our entire school community.

Thank you and Congratulations Sonja!

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Why Should Your Student come to George Voinovich High School?

  • Tuition free!
  • AdvanEd accredited
  • Low student to teacher ratios
  • Credit Recovery program
  • A focus on individualized instruction
  • Highly qualified OH certified teachers
  • School loaned Chromebooks
  • Curriculum aligned with state standards
  • Work/volunteer credit available

Educational Approach

A High School Option for all

George Voinovich High School is an alternative high school for students ages 16 to 21 who have experienced difficulty in a traditional high school setting. It is tuition free and we help them successfully earn that coveted high school diploma. We are here to help you succeed!